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BSDC's ballet program is designed to teach traditional movement with a contemporary approach.  Emphasis is placed on classical steps, healthy body alignment, and artistic execution of choreography.  Pointe technique is also offered to dancers twelve years and older, based on individual readiness.



Ballet classes are available for 2nd grade through high school.





BSDC's jazz program is based on techniques pioneered by Gus Giordano, Luigi, and Bob Fosse.  Emphasis is placed on proper alignment, long lines, turns and jumps, and fast paced choreography in styles which vary from pop to musical theater.

Jazz classes are available for 2nd grade through adult.



Combo classes include creative ballet, basic tap skills, and simple tumbling movement and stretches on mats.  Your child will enjoy learning musical rhythms and exploring dance movement through choreography that lays a foundation for intensive dance training.

*2020-21 Season: due to Covid-19, we will not be including tumbling or the use of mats during remote and in-person classes.  This time will be spent focusing on other creative movement skills.

Combo classes are available for ages 3.5 through kindergarten.

Split classes offer young dancers a sampling of dance disciplines, teaching basic ballet, jazz, and tap technique.

Split classes are available to first graders.




Modern dance at BSDC is an eclectic mix of movement inspired by historic techniques such as Graham and Limon as well as contemporary artists and ideas.  Contract-release, fall & recovery, floor work, empahsis on spine movement, and a better understanding of space/time/force/body are concepts worked on throughout the year.

Modern classes are available for 3rd grade through high school.





Lyrical at BSDC is built on a strong ballet foundation, incorporating contemporary movement and concepts from jazz and modern technique.  Choreography emphasizes telling a story and expressing emotion through the movement.


Lyrical classes are available for 6th grade through high school, with previous ballet experience.




In a BSDC Pop Styles class, students will start with a high energy warm-up, followed by isolation work and the development of their own personal style. Choreography is the main focus of the class and will combine components of jazz-funk, house, popping, locking, and hip hop to age-appropriate music. 


Pop Styles classes are available for 3rd grade through high school.



BSDC's tap program begins with basic techniques and rhythm

development. Next we incorporate syncopated rhythms, more advanced steps, and begin focusing even more on style and performance. Though our tap program is broadway based, we also strive to incorporate a wide variety of music styles.


Tap classes are available for 2nd grade through adult.



For over 80 years  the Can Can, featuring the orignal 1929 choreography by Florence Barclay, has been the finale of every Summer Revue at Barclay Shelton Dance Centre.
This class is available by audition only.
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